Trending Hairstyles for Summer 2017

Trending Hairstyles for Summer 2017

Delve into your adventurous side and change up your hair this season. Be the showstopper you deserve to be, and look better than ever this year with these top trends! [spacer size=1x] 1) Super Sleek Straight Hair Straight, shiny hair parted down the middle is easy and...

Heal your hair with BAOBAB

  We have been exclusively using Color Proof products to ensure the health of your hair and protect the longevity of your color. The premium ingredient in most of these products is BAOBAB. What this short video from Color Proof, to see what Baobab is doing to the...

HAIR EXTENSIONS by Sarah DellaRocco

We love this video discovery! Lost Footage of “The Birth of Tape-Ins”, circa 1955! Well guess what… Tape is BACK! And our very own Sarah DellaRocco can give them to you. Check out Sarah DellaRocco’s Salon Page, for a full list of professional...
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