[highlight style=”default”][highlighttext title=”Marc’s Personal Rolodex” titlesize=”h3″ subtitle=”A hand-selected list of local, trusted professionals in various industries.”][/highlighttext][/highlight]

[accordiongroup][accordion title=”Photography” size=”small” open=”no”]Mark Morgan
(602) 284-2366

Brad Reed
(602) 317-9800

Don Thompson, Thompson Image Photography
(480) 905-0046

Virginia Gee
(602) 526-2672

Heather MacLean
(602) 840-2060

Kelly David Patterson
(602) 478-0770

Joyce Kelton-Smith
(480) 985-8888

Chad Francise
(480) 221-5458[/accordion][accordion title=”Interior Design” size=”small” open=”no”]Leslie Frye, Hasbrook Interiors
(480) 994-1993

Janice Brewster
(480) 580-5512[/accordion][accordion title=”Beauty Services” size=”small” open=”no”]Sarah Dellarocco
Extension Specialist and Hairstylist
(432) 254-0084

Rhonda Ristau
Nail Technician
(602) 320-2449

Jeff Brown
Hair Stylist, Colorist
(480) 603-1000

Ori Brown
Hair Designer, Colorist, Brazilian Blowout Certified
(480) 628-0565

Sherill DuBois – DuBois Aesthetics
(480) 250-7486

Kolton Fox
(480) 603-1000

Leah Lamphier
(602) 402-1603

Jennifer Vieyra
Nail Technician
(480) 603-1000[/accordion][/accordiongroup]


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Importance of Community

Not only does Marc Reid support and attend various foundations and charitable events to support his local community, he also is a strong supporter of small local business.

“Being a Phoenician, going on thirty years, these are some names and companies I have personally used or worked with. It would be my pleasure to refer their services to you!

If you need ANY additional referrals please ask, I know everyone!” -Marc Reid

You can make a difference in building a strong community by visiting, supporting and using local businesses whenever possible. If you liked their service always remember to Yelp!, tell a friend or give feedback to that business directly.