Delve into your adventurous side and change up your hair this season. Be the showstopper you deserve to be, and look better than ever this year with these top trends!

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sleek styled hair

1) Super Sleek Straight Hair

Straight, shiny hair parted down the middle is easy and gorgeous. If you don’t have naturally straight hair, it’s easy to achieve this look with a little help from your trusty flat iron. Be sure to use a heat protectant on your hair so that you don’t damage your ends.


2) High Ponytail

Slick your hair back and pull it up into a straight or curly ponytail. This look is perfect if you’re going for something more mature or want to show off your shoulders.


hair style subtle waves

3) Subtle Waves

This look is simple and easy to create. Take your flat iron and create a small bend in your hair while leaving the ends of your hair straight. This will help give your hair a little more volume without having to go completely curly.


hair color golden brown

4) Golden Brown

Golden brown colored hair is proving to be very popular this year already. It’s a nice balance if you want something in between blonde and brown hair. The light, golden tints make it perfect for something new and summery this year.


layered hair and bangs

5) Long Layers with Bangs

Bangs are HOT, HOT, HOT this year! The key to this look is a lot of long shaggy layers throughout your hair. Bangs are a great way to keep your hair flattering by framing your face shape.


hair style bob

6) The Bob

Bobs are back with a vengeance in year 2017! Whether you want your hair at chin length or barely brushing your shoulders, bobs are beautiful and flirty. With summer just around the corner, bobs are perfect for a fresh, light and cool cut.