Conductor Mickey

This is a plant sculpture of Mickey Mouse holding a baton. In order to see it, you start in Olympia, Washington and head South. Then turn left.

Actually, it is in Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida. There is a shopping area called "Village Marketplace", which has the biggest Disney Store I ever saw. Throughout Walt Disney World, many plants are sculptured into different caricatures. There is a sea serpent, the Gator and Hippo from Fantasia, and many others.

You may consider me crazy, but I went there with my family and 40 students from the high school orchestra. It was fabulous. Great fun and nobody has as much enthusiasm as students turned relatively loose in a major theme park.

The plant is cleverly integrated with cement structures, which provide the soil. They tried to blend them as much as possible. Other sites to see include: Planet Hollywood-Walt Disney World, Blizzard Beach (a huge waterslide), Epcot Center, Magic Kingdom and Disney MGM Studio. Walt Disney World